About Us
Our Mission
It is our mission to provide a developmentally appropriate program to meet the individual social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of all children.
Our Philosophy
The center’s philosophy, teachers, and curriculum support a developmental approach to learning, which is incorporated in the daily activities and schedules. The emphasis is on exploration and process, questioning, and discovery.
Center’s Beliefs
- children need to feel special, included, and accepted
- children need to have opportunities to develop and build their self-esteem
- children need to gain self-respect and respect for others
- children need to feel secure in our home like environment
- children need to gain independence through the ability to separate from parents
- children need to experience activities that promote problem-solving and appropriate risk    taking
- children need their parents and the center to work together to optimize the appropriate    development of the child
Center’s Goals
- provide a safe, warm, caring environment
- create a positive, happy place to be
- help children develop a sense of security
- enhance the ability of a child to be a social being
- increase self confidence
- help the child work independently and with others
- encourage the children to express their thoughts and feelings
- help the children’s creativity to blossom
- plan appropriate developmental activities to expand the minds of the children and create    a desire to learn
- introduce the pleasures realized in art, music, dancing, literacy, numeracy, science, and    outdoor play that form a foundation for school readiness learning
- build on past experiences and encourage the child to think critically to provide solutions
- create a center that is fun, bright and colorful where the child enjoys a happy environment    with a desire to return the next day.
Center’s Design
- develop age appropriate fine and gross motor coordination
- promote the ability of students to play and learn cooperation through mastering    appropriate social skills
- develop the ability of students to cooperate with adults
- assist students in gaining knowledge about themselves, others, and the world around them
- develop cognitive readiness skills and concepts that will lead to critical thinking and    reasoning through content topics, learning centers, and units which are meaningful and    interesting to children
- Promote confidence that children gain from achieving goals
- Challenge children in intellectual curiosity, reasoning, and creativity
- Encourage children in language development
- Insure consistency and fairness in treatment