Our Program

Activities are designed to foster the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth of young children by encouraging them to utilize their curiosity and to experience a variety of learning media. Classrooms are divided into learning centers with developmentally age appropriate activities available for small groups of children to enjoy.

Our qualified teachers are facilitators, helping children plan, select, and explore materials in ways that teach readiness skills and concepts. They are creative people who care about young children and are dedicated to providing an exciting and nurturing place in which youngsters can grow.

Families are valued for the support they provide their children, for the partnership built with our staff, for their eagerness to help and for their willingness to entrust their children into our care.

All are valued for their unique abilities and ideas including their desire to play, their love of laughter, the respect they give others and the trust developed as they learn from one another. Detailed information regarding the instructional program which will be utilized by The Heart of Learning Child Development Center will be available upon request.